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Frequently asked questions about Affiliate Program

What commission do I have from each sale?

Your commission depends on your affiliate rank, after registration you recieve 10% from each sale, up to 20% on the top affiliate rank.

How often and how is the payment made?

You will recieve your commissions automatically each month if you reach at least 20USD in your account. Commissions are paid via PayPal.

What products does the Affiliate Program cover?

All products, including Bundles are subject to the Affiliate Program.

How can I recommend someone?

You will recieve your own refferal link after successful registration. If any of the customers reach our shop and purchase product using your link, you will recieve the commission.

Do I also have a commission from a recurring payment, or only for the first sale of a recurring payment?

Only first sale of a recurring payment is subject to a commission percentage.

What do I have to do to get involved in Affiliate Program and how much will it cost me?

Simply register as an affiliator on our website. Registration is free.

In what currency will I be paid?

Affiliate Commissions are paid in USD.

Are there any prohibited methods for reaching out potential customers?

No email spam is allowed! If we find out you are using spam methods to reach out the customers, your affiliate account will be pernamently closed without a subject to be paid out.