Access to all CMP Premium and WordPress themes & VIP Support


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Lifetime access to all CMP themes
– currently 22 CMP Themes and counting

Lifetime updates

Lifetime VIP support

Unlimited sites usage

* CMP Divi & CMP Elementor Add-ons not included




Everything from CMP THEMES BUNDLE

+ All WordPress themes

+ CMP Divi Add-on

+ CMP Elementor Add-on

Lifetime updates

Unlimited sites usage

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get when I buy the CMP Bundle?

You will get lifetime access to all CMP Themes available. We usually release new CMP Theme every month and you will get access to those as well! You can download them for your account on our website or with CMP Themes & Addon plugin you will recieve together with CMP Bundle.

What happens with my downloaded CMP Themes when the license expires?

NiteoThemes no longer offers a limited 1-year licence, hence the license never expires!

What does the lifetime license mean?

Lifetime means the useful life of the plugin, i.e. the period of time NiteoThemes supports the plugin with updates and services. The plugin will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more.

Can I use the CMP Themes and WordPress themes for multiple sites?

Yes, there is no limitation!

What payment gateways do you use?

PayPal and Stripe payment gateway are fully supported.

What does VIP support mean?

We offer free support for all our customers, even for free CMP Plugin and freebie CMP themes, which means we recieve a lot of support requests. By subscribing the CMP Bundle, you can can submit a priority support request directly from your WordPress admin screen  via CMP Themes & Addon plugin you will recieve together with CMP Bundle.


Do you offer refund after the CMP or Ultimate Bundle purchase?

We do offer refund, however not automatically. If you run into any issues, please contact us first and only if we cannot resolve the issue then we will happily refund you 100% the purchase amount. You can always try our freebies & CMP plugin bundled themes first.

How can I download the CMP themes or WordPress themes?

Please login to your Account page, where you can download all the available CMP and WordPress Themes. Also you can install CMP Themes & Addon plugin to your WordPress and manage the CMP Themes directly from your WordPress admin!