CMP Frame

Frame is Premium theme for CMP plugin. Frame can be configured with outside and inside frame on your landing page where you can set beautiful digital counter with three predefined actions when timer hits zero: do-nothing, redirect to custom URL or disable CMP plugin and display your normal page to visitors.

Frame is usually used as Coming soon page but can serve as Maintenance landing page too. You can set custom image background, use any from predefined patterns or just plain color to keep things simple.

Main Features

  •  Custom Logo
  •  Custom Content
  •  Graphic Background including videos
  •  Countdown Timer
  •  Subscribe Form
  •  Social Media
  •  Custom Colors
  •  Custom Fonts
  •  Background Blur Effect
  •  Background Special Effects
  •  Responsive Design


I really need this awesomeness:) Live Demo
or all CMP themes for $49?